Residential Video Surveillance

Average home size in the U.S.

Square Feet


If there’s one place we all want to feel the most secure, it would be at home. Are you having problems with people trespassing on your property or have you had damage done to your property while you were away? Total Home & Farm Video Solutions can help provide that extra security whether you are home or away.

Just call and make an appointment and we can have a dedicated Salesperson at your home helping you choose the best options for you. Not only can you have security outside, you can also set up a camera system inside your home.

With the average U.S. home size being 2,301 square feet, a few cameras around the house would provide the security of being able to see what’s going on in other areas of the house. If you have small children or pets, our system can provide you with a little extra comfort while you’re away from them. You can check on them while you’re at work or just out running errands.

Thank you for trusting Total Home & Farm Video Solutions with your home security needs.

• No monthly payments • Discount on insurance • 2-year warranty

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