Managing the Internet

An average wireless router antenna reaches

Square Feet


How do you manage the internet?
The short answer is extending connectivity without any service upgrades. The average wireless router antenna reaches 1,200 square feet but that does vary depending on the router. Though the internet is not necessary to use our system, in a world that likes to stay connected, most clients already have a connection or prefer to sign up for an internet service. Using the internet with our surveillance systems allows you to monitor your property from not only your home but anywhere you go via your mobile devices.

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In some circumstances clients will need our services in areas or buildings outside of their homes, yet still on their property. Often these areas do not receive internet service nor does the connection from inside the house reach these areas or buildings. This happens particularly with farms. In these cases, we need to manage the internet inside the home to provide coverage for the areas without internet.

This process is done with radios. By connecting radios to the router and placing them within line of sight of the house around the property, we can add up to 6 miles of connectivity without any major upgrades. Not only is this process helpful when it comes to our surveillance equipment, it opens a lot of doors for farms in other areas of the business. There are chances that farmers will be able to manage their irrigation systems from their phones while sitting at the dinner table with their families.

Technology is ever changing and this is one of the ways we can help our clients keep up.

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