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Average size of Midwestern farms


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There are many sizes and types of farms throughout the Midwest. With the average sizes of Midwestern farms being 231 acres for small family farms, 1,421 acres for large family farms and 2,086 acres for the very large farms there is no way for farmers and their farm hands to keep a safe eye on all the important areas of the farm at all times. Regardless of the differences, managing a farm is a very big and important job and farmers could use all the help they can get. Total Home & Farm Video Solutions is here to help provide that extra security for farmers.
Adorable cow on field looking with interest into camera.
With the help of our video surveillance systems, you can keep a close watch on your crops, livestock, equipment and even your farmhouse. You will be able to monitor and record the operations of your farm from the comfort of your home or have the option to monitor from virtually anywhere using your mobile devices. Before any equipment is installed a Sales Representative will visit your farm and work with you to find out how many cameras and what kind of equipment you may need and what the best locations for your cameras might be.

*We understand that internet is not an option for farms, so we use the process of managing the internet to enhance the connectivity of your home internet. This process can provide extra miles of connectivity, providing coverage for your home and farm.

*The internet is not needed to use our camera systems; you can still monitor and record in your home without an internet connection.

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